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Aritex Nonwovens Geotextile

Type                 : Nonwovens Geotextile
Origin               : Vietnam
Certification     : ISO 9001 by UKAS Management                               Systems since 2005
Product Range        : 110 g/m2 up to 1,000 g/m2
Tensile Strength      : 7 kN/m up to 70 kN/m
Roll Size - Width      : 4.0m
                  Length   : Varies from 50m to 250m

Aritex Wovens Geotextile

Clients can choose from our wide range of High Strength PET Woven or PP Woven Geotextile.  

Silt Fence

Rizqi Aritex SF13 nonwovens silt fence provides a temporary barrier to intercept surface run off, reduce its velocity and impound sediment laden run off from areas of disturbed soil.

Our SF13 nonwovens silt fence comes in a roll size of 1m x 250m for ease of handling and installation works at site.

Tubular Geo Container

Our Rizqi Geo Containers are custom-made according to the sizes and specifications given by the clients. They are made from either PP Nonwovens or Wovens geotextile.

They can be used for sludge dewatering or for marine, seawall, breakwater and coastal protection.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

Geosynthetic clay liner is a geo-composite of natural sodium bentonite being sandwiched by 2 layers of either woven or nonwoven geotextile. This geo-composite create a water proof membrane when it is in contact with water. It is widely used in landfill projects where the product acts as a water proofing and protection layer.

Drainage Cell

Drainage Cell provides a perfect solution for sub-soil drainage application for creating successful Roof Garden, without any traditional problems associated with cracking or leakage. The 30mm Drainage Cell provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water.

Other Products

We are also able to supply all types of Geosynthetics including Geogrid, Drainage Composites, Geocomposites Geotextile, PVD and others.

Please contact us for your requirements.